Comrod’s Module Concept

The Mast System is based on standard pole modules that can be customized for the individual project.  Each pole and foundation is optimised according to the height, weight, strength and foundation location.


The mast system modules can be customized to suit the customer requirement.  Modules can be manufacture as single pole, H type, A type or triple mast.  The mast system can produce solutions ranging from 22kV – 132kV.

Pole Sections

Each pole can be customised and optimised to match the customer project load data (wind, snow, ice etc).  Computer analysis ensures the manufactured pole exactly matches the optimised design.  Sections are manufactured using a fully automated computer controlled filament winding process. 

The Cross-Arms

There are many standardised cross-arm solutions for supporting the power lines.  Our specially designed cross-arms include a new and more efficient cross-arm attachment method to the pole top.  Customised soluitions are possible for specific customer requirements.

Revolutionary foundation

Our unique foundation concept has revolutionised the foundation work compared to the traditional method.

foundation concept

The new foundation concept consists of a composite tube fitted into the ground by a Comrod designed computer based drill-rig.  Foundation drilling is performed efficiently and accurately by engineers certified by Comrod Utility Systems.

Effective foundation work

The new foundation system is capable of large scale foundation work. The unique foundation drilling system is quickly drilled at each pole location by engineers certified by Comrod Utility Systems, and it is possible to drill multiple foundations at the same time.

Low Environmental Impact

The new foundation system enables each mast to be installed with minimum environmental impact.  The drill rig can be positioned on-site by helicopter reducing damage to surrounding land.  The unique drilling process reduces the foundation footprint to the minimum.