News – 2023-01-25
Whirlpools of the maelstrom of Saltstraumen
Sustainability through a longer lifespan

Comrod’s composite poles – built to last

Longer lifetime of masts in the power grid helps to reduce the rate at which poles have to be replaced. This leads to less material consumption, transport costs and environmental emissions in all phases of the service life.

In collaboration with SINTEF Energi AS, we have carried out extensive testing of aging and service life for Comrod’s composite mast. We have tested over a year in a “climate carousel” – with e.g. UV, frost and thawing as aging factors.

– The results confirm that the Comrod pole retains its good mechanical properties over time. Composite as a building material provides a light and durable product that does not emit dangerous chemicals during its lifetime, and can therefore safely be called a product for the future, says Kjetil Rognlien, Senior Structural Engineer and Head of R&D at Comrod AS, Utility Division.

Calculation of lifespan based on the climate carousel tests gives an almost “infinite lifespan”. Naturally, this should not be expected, but it supports the fact that the composite masts are built to last – for a long time.

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