Composite poles for overhead power lines

Our composite poles for overhead power lines are used by power & utilities and telecommunications companies that want a more environmentally friendly, cost-effective and sustainable alternative. Comrod’s composite poles are lightweight with high stiffness. The minimum lifetime is least 80-100 years, and the poles are maintenance-free. We supply solutions for ranges from 22 kV to 132 kV.

The characteristics of the masts

Our composite poles are made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic (GRP) and the sections are produced by machine-controlled filament winding on large rotating conical mandrels. Since the properties of the composite depend on the direction of the fibers, some fibres are wound in the longitudinal direction and some in the circumferential direction in order to achieve the optimal ratio between load-bearing capacity, rigidity and buckling resistance.

Extreme strength and low weight

The composite material and our production method provide the masts with extreme strength in relation to weight. The masts can withstand extreme loads without being deformed, which enables fewer mast locations. The low weight enables easy installation of pre-assembled poles.

Maintenance free

The composite material is virtually maintenance-free with an estimated minimum lifetime of 80-100 years. After installation of the masts, there are no specific maintenance requirements, just periodic inspections.

Thorough analyzes and tests

Comrod has performed extensive laboratory tests of the materials used in the masts and foundation adapters. We have also performed several full-scale tests of the masts to verify calculated stiffness, load-bearing capacity and buckling resistance, deformation tests and fire testing.

Modules and masts

The poles in our system consist of different conical poles that fit on top of each other to produce masts with the desired height, weight and stiffness. The poles are configured according to the customer’s specifications for each individual mast position or project. The poles can be equipped with standard traverses using an in-house developed a traverse bracket for rapid installation.

The modular system

The mast modules are 12.6 meters and are connected with a bolted sliding joint. We currently have 9 different modules with different root and top diameters. These are combined based on customer’s requirements, and then cut to the exact height. We can deliver masts with height up to 54.5 meters.

Types of masts

We can provide single mast, H-mast, A-mast, triple mast or customized special mast. Each mast is assembled from the modules which satisfy load factors (wind, snow, ice, deflection, etc.), and according to the customer’s other specifications. We have solutions for lines from 22 kV to 132 kV.

Easy installation

The poles are very light and can be flown in by helicopter and mounted directly on a foundation adapter. This is a significant advantage when mounting poles in extremely demanding terrain. The method also allows mounting close to existing poles and “live line” installations.

Competence and experience

Comrod has 70 years of experience in the development and production of composite products that are used under extreme conditions all over the world. Our employees have the expertise and experience to take care of everything from the design and production of the masts to efficient foundation and installation. Sustainability, safety and environmental considerations are central to our business. This applies in the factory, out in the field and for the product delivered to the customer.

Flexible production

At Tau outside Stavanger, we have a state-of-the-art factory for the production of composite masts. Our analysis tools and robotic production line results in highly flexible and efficient production, enabling us to deliver masts according to customer specifications.

Short delivery time

Full control of production, the geographical proximity to the Nordic market and our optimized production line enable us to meet short delivery deadlines – even for specially customized masts.

Product development

Our skilled engineers works continuously with product development to adapt the masts to new requirements or areas of use. This is work we often do in collaboration with our customers. Please feel free to contact us if you have special requirements.

Do you want to know more about our poles and foundations?

Please contact us for more detailed product presentations, technical descriptions or videos from our full-scale tests. You are of course also welcome to visit us at Tau outside Stavanger.


Jerol Industri - our Swedish sister company

Jerol Industri became part of the Comrod group in the spring of 2021. Jerol has a product portfolio that complements Comrod's portfolio of composite masts for the distribution and regional network.