News – 2023-10-18
Whirlpools of the maelstrom of Saltstraumen

The poles are assembled at the rig site before installation – quickly and easily! Photo: Comrod

Fagne and Comrod install poles for subsea cable connection

Collaboration in advance – and Fagne, Comrod, and Norconsult completed the installation of composite poles in record time!

The drill rig for “rock drilling” is flown in and precisely landed between the phases – precision flying! Photo: Comrod

In the project involving the new 132 kV subsea cable between Stord and Bømlo, Fagne chose to install composite poles on the land side. Fagne, formerly known as Haugaland kraft Nett, is a power distribution company that supplies electricity to 150,000 residents in Haugalandet, Sunnhordaland, Ryfylke, and Hardanger.

The composite masts were assembled at the rig site and then flown out into the terrain for installation, partly in loose soil and partly on rock. Prior to this, Fagne, Comrod, and Norconsult carried out a workshop with preparations and training with everyone involved, which made the assembly and installation of the poles very efficient.

Comrod performed “rock drilling” for the rock installations, and then the fully assembled poles were “landed” on the rock foundations.

Vegard Bjørnsen, Operations Manager at Comrod, is very satisfied with the collaboration with Fagne and Norconsult: “The collaboration between Fagne, Comrod, and Norconsult worked excellently. Good preparations during the collaboration phase ahead of the project resulted in the poles being installed in record time! Comrod thanks for the assignment and looks forward to new projects!”

Welcome to visit!

We always appreciate visits – if you are interested in visiting our factories in Tau or Tierp, just get in touch. We can then tell you more about composite as a material for power masts, show the production, demonstrate rock foundations, and much more! Warm welcome!

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