News – 2023-03-01
Whirlpools of the maelstrom of Saltstraumen

An interesting day with course participants from Lnett! Photo: Comrod

Comrod invites you to courses and update sessions on composite poles

Sharing experiences and expertise in the power & utilities sector

Comrod regularly organizes courses and training sessions for assembly, installation and inspection of our composite poles. During the sessions we discuss the composite’s properties such as strength, stiffness and weight, and we also look at assembly manuals and recommended inspections. And, if a pole is damaged during assembly or transport, we also show various remedial measures and support from Comrod.

There was time for both “classrooms”, factory tours and “hands-on” activities with the composite poles and rock slotting equipment! Photo: Comrod

Lnett has installed a significant number of composite poles from Comrod in the Rogaland region (see Lnett’s review here). On the eve of 2022, we had the pleasure of welcoming a group of enthusiastic “Lnett’ers” to Comrod for an update on composite poles. It was a very good day, with exchange of experience both ways!

– Such days are just as useful for us as for the customer! There is always interesting feedback and experiences from the participants. It gives us a basis for improvement and development, and in many cases useful experiences that we can share with other grid owners and contractors. And we believe that the course participants see the value in being kept up to date on this area. Composite is still a relatively new building material in the power&utilities sector, and we have constantly developed new solutions and foundation methods in recent years, says Vegard Bjørnsen, operations manager at Comrod.

– Comrod at Tau always has its door open to customers who may benefit from courses, updates and exchange of experiences. Just get in touch and we’ll arrange a suitable arrangement, continues Vegard.

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