News – 2022-02-07

Support to Craftor when installing masts in Sweden

Comrod has today jopined Craftor AB on their first installation of the Comrod masts. The Swedish countryside showed itself at its best, bathed in sun. Craftor AB is the main contractor for installing a power line from Holmenstorp – Lianstorp. The client is Vatenfall Eldistribusjon AB.

The power line is approx. 5 km long with a voltage level of 145 kV. It will replace the current wooden pole power line with a voltage level of 45 kV. The line is approximately 30 kilometers southwest of Stockholm and the project is part of a major upgrade that is taking place on the distribution network around Stockholm.

It was both exciting and educational to join the team in Sweden on this project. Slightly different equipment and slightly different methods are used both to raise and install the masts. A tractor with a large crane on a kind of trailer with operation on all wheels us used. Very simple and effective. Due to the relatively flat tarrain in this part of Sweden, the use helicopters to a lesser extent compared with Norway.

Where the terrain is of suitable quality, the masts are placed directly into the ground and on a base plate of wood. The soil is shoveled up to the masts while it is held in place by the “huddingen”, and then stamped with an excavator afterwards. Very effective!

A great result! Thanks to the team at Craftor AB and TurTrans AB for inviting Comrod be with them at work this great day.

More pictures from the project

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